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Nemadji Hemp Processors in Wisconsin

The Nemadji crew has been the most trusted and dependable hemp processors in Wisconsin since 2016, working with licensed hemp farmers all over the United States. Our hemp processing plant has been built out to accommodate high volumes of biomass.

You can find the best hemp processors in Wisconsin right here at Nemadji. We are the premier manufacturer of advanced oil extracts. Together, we are comprised of analytical chemists, master chemists, and professional engineers with expertise in separation science, process engineering, extractions, laboratory and packaging operations, as well as, specific botanical extraction manufacturing, laboratory quality and end product formulations. Our staff has several decades of real world experience in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing. We know how to process hemp and we have implemented management systems to control the consistency of output.

We began with Co2 extraction as hemp processors in Wisconsin and have continued with this method using hemp processing equipment from extraktLAB’s chemical free Co2 Extractors to obtain a clean and green high quality product.

“Nemadji is capable of processing both organic and non-organic material and offers its services to all individuals or businesses seeking processing services.“
Melvin Welch with United Science

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Processing Organically

Nemadji not only does conventional hemp processing, but also organic processing as well. We process organic hemp for those who are interested in organic CBD.

Nemadji received its organic certification as a processor by a 3rd party accrediting agency in December 2019.

Processing Safely

We take precaution before and during our hemp processing. Prior to processing, we inspect the delivered hemp biomass. We process industrial hemp compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill as is under the federal expectation no matter which state you reside. More on this topic can be explored in our local blogs. Pure is our priority and inspection of material damage or contamination will help with the our extraction process.

Hemp Toll Processing

Your hemp biomass can be toll processed into hemp extracts by hemp processors in Wisconsin like us. We toll process hemp into oils and powders for farmers using CO2. To understand why we use this method continue reading or stop by our popular blog article Why We Use Clean & Green Supercritical CO2 ExtractionYou.

We offer the following toll services:

  •   Grinding of CBD hemp biomass.
  •   Shuck and buck of CBD hemp biomass.
  •   Extract CBD hemp biomass into crude oil.
  •   Further refine CBD crude oil into isolate or distillate.

Drying is an important step in hemp processing hemp biomass. Moisture needs to be removed before it can be placed in storage. Without removal of moisture, mold buildup can occur.

We shuck and buck, extract, and refine your hemp biomass to its full potential. All of our services are available to you and we are glad to provide them.

Our shuck and buck service is speedy fast! After drying your hemp biomass, we shuck and buck take place next along with grinding. This is the proper method to use when hemp processing. We only use the fastest hemp bucking machine on the market to remove the flower from your stocks.

Extraction and refinement follow suit. Extracting CBD from your hemp biomass is our pride and joy at our hemp processing facility. It is what we do best!

What Makes Us Different

Quality Control

We are hemp processors in Wisconsin built on quality. We know how to process hemp and keep the quality. A quality hemp processing plant will be transparent in the way they make their products. Along with an efficient manufacturing process, third party lab reports are available for all of our customers to see. Often times, companies will not include third party lab reports, essentially setting you up with a gamble on whether the product is good or not. Chances are its not. Feel free to check out our third party lab reports when you buy our products.

CBD Manufacturing

There are several key reasons why we use CO2 rather than chemical extractions like ethanol to make CBD crude oil. The most important reason has to do with cross contamination, re-use of ethanol, and contaminants within ethanol that are not measured but remain in the oil after extraction.

Ethanol carries many contaminants in it that end up in your oil at trace levels. Since only ethanol and not the contaminants is measured in a solvent test, you end up with oil contaminated with the contaminants of ethanol.

In order to comply with food safety and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations on solvent reuse, the ethanol must undergo extensive testing and validation to show that the ethanol that was used before is the same purity as the original. This is costly and often requires double and triple distilled ethanol to regain the original purity.

Since ethanol carries with it contaminants, the extracted hemp contains solvent residuals that reflect the components of the extracted material. This material must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Removal of VOC solvents is regulated by the EPA.

CBD Toll Processing Services

Nemadji can extract CBD oils from your hemp using ultra clean CO2 extraction for a fee. Our cbd toll processing charges by the pound. Prices vary with volume and condition of the input material.

Yes. We can shuck and buck your stalks to remove the flower before processing.

You may ship your Farm Bill compliant material that complies with 7 U.S. Code § 1639o definition via a common carrier. We suggest you package the material dry, place it in mesh totes, and then ship. Your document packet should include: (1) a copy of the farm hemp license; (2) a copy of the respective state CofA or other document authorizing the harvest of the hemp; (3) a copy of Nemadji’s hemp license; and (4) any additional certification related to the material (e.g., organic certification, add’l 3rd party CofA). We will provide our processing license to you so that you can provide it with your shipping documentation.

There are several types of hemp shipping containers that we recommend. The most common by far are mesh totes. If your product is moist, we do not recommend using a poly liner unless the outdoor temperature is less than 40 Farenheit. Shipping bags can be ordered here.

If you are toll processing, we charge the input pound. It makes best economic sense for you to keep your product free from foreign debris and dry it as much as possible. It also makes sense to remove sticks and stems as much as possible as, as those items are not contributing to an increase in yield of oil.

You may ship your product via a common carrier. We suggest you package the material dry, place it in 2-ton mesh totes, and then ship. Please include the license number for the farm. We will provide our processing license to you so that you can provide it with your shipping documentation.

Upon reception of materials, it is weighed-in and compared to the shipping manifest. If there is a discrepancy greater than 20 lbs, we will immediately notify you of the mismatch. Once the mass has been received, and confirmed to be accurate, we must receive a down payment (half) from you for the first 10,000 lbs; we will only process 10,000 lbs at a time.

We do not accept moldy, putrid, or otherwise rotting plant matter. Biomass sent to Nemadji should comply with its material specification standards.

The weight of oil you will receive will be taken from the weight of the shipment times the cannabinoid percentage.

Each 10,000 lbs of raffinate is sampled three times and the potency is measured for acids and neutrals. If the potency is greater than 3% w/w, we will re-run the material automatically.

We ship the oil via UPS in leak proof containers. UPS allows shipment of CBD products that are compliant with all applicable laws. No returns are accepted. All sales are final.

Presentation of your industrial hemp processing license must be included. An official certification showing that the material you are shipping is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill must be included in your shipped material. COA’s are required.

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