Hemp Processing

Nemadji’s hemp processing plant has been built out to accommodate high volumes of biomass and has been the most trusted and dependable hemp processor in Wisconsin since 2016. We are the premier manufacturer of advanced oil extracts. Together, we are comprised of analytical chemists, master chemists, and professional engineers

Here at Nemadji we began with Co2 extraction, and have continued with this method to obtain a clean and green high-quality product, using hemp processing equipment from extraktLAB.

Organic Hemp Processing

Organic Processing

For those who are interested in Organic CBD, Nemadji received its organic certification as a processor by a 3rd party accrediting agency in December 2019. So, not only do we offer conventional hemp processing, but we offer organic processing as well.


Safe Hemp Processing

Safe Processing

We take precautions before, during, and after processing our hemp. Prior to processing, we inspect the delivered hemp biomass. We process industrial hemp compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill as is under the federal expectation no matter which state you reside in. Pure is our priority and inspection of material damage or contamination aids in our extraction process.

Hemp Toll Processing

Toll Processing

We toll process hemp into oils and powders for farmers using Co2. To understand why we use this method check out our blog post on Why We Use Clean & Green Supercritical CO2 Extraction.

We offer the following toll services

    • Grinding of CBD hemp biomass
    • Shuck and buck of CBD hemp biomass
    • Extract CBD hemp biomass into crude oil
    • Refine CBD crude oil into isolate or distillate
Drying of Hemp


Drying is an important step in processing hemp biomass. Moisture needs to be removed before it can be placed in storage. Without removal of moisture, mold buildup can occur.

After drying the hemp biomass, we shuck and buck (using only the fastest hemp bucking machine on the market), grind, extract and refine it to its full potential.

1. Cannabidiol (CBD) content greater than 10%

Nemadji works with quality industrial hemp material to process a multitude of goods.

2. Total Delta-9 THC and THCa content less than 0.3%

Under the Federal 2014 & 2018 Farm Bill, the federal government removed Industrial Hemp from the Controlled Substance Act by
identifying cannabis Sativa L., which has less than a total content of 0.3% delta-9 THC and THCa is not an illegal substance.

3. Moisture content less than 10%

Materials delivered to Nemadji for purchase or processing must contain less than 10% water weight content and be free of molds, fungus, or other evidence of deteriorated material due to moisture.

4. Less than 5% sticks, stems and stalk by mass weight

Materials delivered to Nemadji must be shucked and bucked, which is the separation of the flower, bud, and fan leaf from the main and ancillary plant stems and branches. The total amount of sticks/stalk/stem material must be less than 5% weight by mass. Material that is whole plant ground will not be accepted.

5. No Pesticides, Fungicides and Herbicides

Materials delivered to Nemadji must not have any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, per third-party Certificate of Analysis consistent with Florida State pesticide testing requirements. Nemadji reserves the right to change its standards of accept criteria at its own discretion

6. Free of Heavy Metals Content

Materials must be free of heavy metals contents per the third party
Certificate of Analysis consistent with Florida State pesticide testing requirements.

7. Free of Microbials and Mycotoxins

Materials delivered to Nemadji must be clear of microbials
and mycotoxins, per third party Certificate of Analysis consistent with Florida State pesticide.

8. Free of Waste and Garbage

Materials delivered to Nemadji must be clean and fit for
processing. To that end, in the FAQ below, Nemadji has identified some “best practices” for the harvest, drying, and storing of your biomass. To ensure Nemadji received materials that are “clean
and fit for processing,” either (1) a Nemadji representative will visit your location and inspect the facilities, or (2) you can provide photographic documentation and SOP of how your material is
harvested, dried, and stored.

9. Material Must be Unprocessed

Nemadji will only accept industrial hemp biomass which has
not been previously processed. Nemadji tests inbound material for any residual solvents and processing aids.