How to Estimate Extraction Yield from Your Hemp Crop

Contract Manufacturing, Hemp Processing

Want to know how to estimate the extraction yield from your hemp crop? Read on and use our calculator to determine the crude oil yield from your hemp harvest this fall.

Okay, so you put your clones in the ground. Fed them, watered them, and whispered sweet nothings to them every night. Now it’s time to harvest and you’ve got to ask yourself:

What are your options for processing and how much will it yield you versus selling your crop to a broker?

First, you can use the calculator (below) to estimate the w/w yield on your crop and also to compare how much you will get from selling your crop.

Second, you can have us process your crop into crude oil, or isolate, or distillate. Nemadji can process many millions of pounds per year, plus we are also selling future processing capability.

When you pre-purchase, you are able to hold your production date rather than getting in line on a, “first come, first serve basis,” when everyone else is getting in line at the same time.


The numbers presented herein represent averages in costs, output, and results. The analysis is not a financial guarantee and shall not be used to create business plans, obtain funds, or make any kind of financial decision. There are inherent risks in any business. Some key risks for the three scenarios of brokering, splits and toll processing have to do with quality, transportation, yield, and labor. This guidance is intended to help the customer understand options and shall not be construed as an inducement for any kind of investment. Use the information presented here at your own risk.