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NEMADJI is the best-in-class vertically integrated CBD hemp cultivator, extactor and white label manufacturer of hemp based products. We source, cultivate hemp, and extract CBD oil. Our CBD oil is the most aromatic and flavorful, sourced from premium hemp to produce bulk ingredients of unparallelled quality. These CBD products include: bulk CBD isolate, full-spectrum distillate, THC-free distillate, water soluble CBD, and ther custom formulated offerings. Our white label offerings include topicals, balms, gels, serums, tinctures and other products.
Nemadji both cultivates and extracts the most aromatic and flavorful hemp to produce bulk ingredients of unparallelled quality.
The company currently operates in a 80,000 ft sq facility, is cGMP certified, and uses CO2 hemp extraction to avoid contaimination from chemicals and cross contamination from chemical reuse. This enables us to process hemp into both Organic and 100% Organic Hemp Extracts. We are currently permitted to process Farm Bill compliant hemp in it's advanced 4-ton per day extraction facility. Additional capacity up to 10 tons-per-day can be added within a couple weeks so call ahead to reserve processing capacity today!

Hemp CBD Products

CBD Isolate BULKCBD Distillate BULKTHC-FREE Distillate BULKOrganic Distillate BULKWater Soluble CBD BULKWhite LabelToll Processing
CBD isolate is sourced from the highest quality industrial hemp biomass material sourced from our own Nemadji hemp farms. Nemadji CBD Isolate is made by first extracting the hemp with ultra clean CO2 extraction. Then it is further refined to produce a pure white CBD crystal. Purity is greater than 99% and is guaranteed to be consistently pure.

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We manufacture the highest quality full-spectrum distillate that we produce by refining clean CO2 extracted industrial hemp oil. Our large capacity distillation facility can process up to 30 kg of distillate per hour. The result is a product with 60-90% CBD containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Since the material is distillate, it will not contain volatile or short chain terpenes.

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We manufacture some of the highest quality broad-spectrum distillate sourced from industrial hemp oil that has been extracted with clean CO2. Our large capacity distillation facilities can process up to 30 kg of distillate per hour. Our distillate typically is 60-80% CBD and contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids without the THC. Since the material is distillate, it will not contain volatile or short chain terpenes as they are typically distilled off and are generally not desirable.

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Organic CBD Distillate is made from crude oil that has been extracted from Farm Bill compliant industrial hemp. The process involves , removal of the waxes with CO2, stripping the terpenes out of the extracted materials with the extraktLAB DUAL-STILL DISTILLIZER, and finally finishing the distillate to improve the potency and to produce a golden yellow oil.

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Water soluble CBD concentrate is a full spectrum CBD ingredient that is made with a natural emulsifier to help solubilize the CBD. WE subsequently homogenize the water to produce small particles for better absorption. The bulk ingredients can be utilized in your aqueous formulations. Concentration is 30 mg/mL.

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Nemadji offers wholesale white label CBD products including topicals, balms, muscle gel, serum, tinctures, and other products. All of our products come with a certificate of analysis and certificate of origin packed master case offerings.

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Nemadji has been processing hemp from licensed hemp farmers since 2016. Our facility has been built out to accommodate a high volume of biomass. Specifically, we recently have invested in ExtraktLAB high throughput chemical free CO2 extraction equipment to serve farmer demand.

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