CBD Wholesale

Top in the hemp industry for CBD wholesale commodities and vertically integrated hemp processing, Nemadji is the United States greatest resource for bulk CBD oil and bulk CBD powder. We ventured out to create the best CBD oil and powder and make it available on a grand scale. Our natural, American soil grown, hemp-derived CBD products are available upon demand. As hemp CBD distributors for bulk purposes, we make purchasing with us easy and respond promptly. Browse our premium high quality selection of CBD extracts and learn more about our CBD oil wholesale supply and process by getting in touch with us at anytime.


CBG Isolate

CBG (cannabigerol) is another one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This cannabinoid is known to have antiseptic properties as well as anti inflammatory. CBG Isolate wholesale is 99% CBG with no detectable trace of THC. Click on the image for more information.

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

This is one of our most highly concentrated and popular wholesale CBD oils. Our Full spectrum CBD Distillate is a beneficial cannabinoid, with a honey-like consistency and color, which derives from the hemp plant. It contains less than 0.3% THC and includes an array of rich terpenes, minor healthy cannabinoids, and vitamins. The potency of CBD distillate ranges from 60-80% in CBD or cannabidiol oil. Click on the image for more information.


Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate

Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, our Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate is manufactured from crude oil that has been withdrawn from exceptional hemp suppliers. This process involves dewaxing using Supercritical CO2 equipment and terpene stripment using the Wipe Film Evaporator, all from ExtraktLAB. We extract all of the THC but leave all the other non-psychoactive cannabinoids in there. Click on the image for more information

Organic CBD Oil

Interested in a high quality CBD oil that’s both USDA Organic Certified and high quality? Well you have come to the right place because here at Nemadji, we have processed only the most organic, natural hemp to be safely consumed by our valuable customers.



CBG oil can certainly help you with more than you think. In fact, this oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as antibacterial. Our hemp oil product is processed using only the best supercritical Co2 extractors available, making it a pure hemp oil you can trust.

CBD Isolate

There are many forms of hemp CBD products and they are all different in one way or another. Looking at CBD isolate right away you notice that it is a CBD powder rather then an oil. Not only is it a powder but it is also over 99% CBD with no detectable trace of THC. With our clean, supercritical Co2 extraction process we promise you a quality CBD isolate bulk product.
Once the hemp biomass is collected, crude oil is to be extracted from it. Then, the not so refined crude oil is processed using only the most efficient supercritical Co2 extractors currently on the market, making it a much more refined hemp oil. From there, you could make CBD Distillate, CBD isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD, or whatever you want. Every bulk CBD product from Nemadji is processed with careful hands and is made using one ingredient, hemp.

Hemp Basics For Hemp Oil Wholesale

Bulk CBD

Understanding Hemp-derived CBD

CBD is the extracted form of hemp. The way in which it is processed determines the outcome, the THC level or whether it becomes a powder or oil. Hemp is the sister plant of cannabis. The THC levels differ between them. Hemp is recognized as a separate plant than cannabis although visually, one cannot tell the difference. Cannabis has an extensive and otherwise harmful amount, if taken in large doses, of THC, the substance or ingredient found within the cannabis plant. Hemp has a very small percentage of THC. Hemp is not a controlled substance like cannabis is by the government, but a set amount of 0.3% THC for hemp based CBD products is the standard by which all CBD wholesalers must comply. From growth to processing, our labs at Nemadji are built and designed for this important regulation. 


Keys To Investing In Bulk CBD Commodities

An impressive amount of research has been done and is continuing over this amazing plant and its properties. Hemp oil products are becoming more popular by the year. Individuals interested in benefiting and investing in this industry, starts with a bulk purchase. Understanding the basics of what the hemp plant really is, will give you an understanding of the real question, “What is CBD?” It’s important to know the basics so you know where to start. 

CBD Wholesale Standards, Quality Matters

Built On Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) For Bulk CBD Oil

When you make any CBD purchase, be curious and smart about the ingredients and the process. Get a full panoramic view of your CBD bulk supplier, not just the product. A tip we’ll give you is that you consider a manufacturer with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This is one key to the big picture. Nemadji is a GMP certified facility that is audited and complies with validated methods. Looking at the methods of any CBD distributor is a really good idea in any case.

We’ve Got Lab Reports

Any hemp based product should include lab reports and be available to you. A finished CBD product’s tested results should not be above the 0.3% THC, as is law. Just as you can see the ingredients in every day products you may use, hemp-derived CBD products, especially bulk, should have the ingredients and lab reports available to the customer. All of our CBD wholesale oils and powders come with details regarding lab reports to ease your mind. 

Hemp Oil Wholesale Extraction Methods For Quality Control

Hemp contains more than just CBD, but other entities. These entities are cannabinoids and terpenes. Knowing your manufacturer’s extraction process is also important. Hemp undergoes a series of detailed processes before becoming a wholesale item you can safely use. Ethanol and CO2 extraction are the top processing methods. CO2 extraction is cost efficient, it’s a sweet deal for processors, wholesalers, and customers. It preserves important ingredients in the hemp plant, has low operating cost, no special organic requirements are needed, and no risk of contamination. Nemadji uses CO2 because it is a clean process that preserves the qualities that make CBD a clean and quality product. Our lab analytics measures the potency, consistency, THC levels, and other important repetitively during the processing. From extraction equipment to processing, our facilities are built on cleanliness and purity.

CBD Wholesale Products Made By The Experts

We ventured out to make CBD available in bulk. CBD oils and powders made specifically for you, made by Nemadji CBD Wholesale. 

 CBD extracts are classified as distillates. Distillate is the translucent oil extracted or distilled from the hemp plant with all non essential parts of the plant removed. Stalks, flowers, and stems for example do not help enhance aroma, color, or benefit the end product. Terpenes are included in certain distillates, giving off desirable flavor and aroma. Distillates can be bought with no detectable trace of THC known as broad spectrum or bought with the limited amount of 0.3% THC level known as full spectrum. 

CBD Powder can be created by further refining distillate, or isolation. It is a tasteless, scentless, dissolvable, THC free, white powder much like the protein powders athletes choose to use, if manufactured properly. 

The answer to this question really all depends on the preference of how your wholesale hemp products are made. A popular choice is CBD Distillate which is CBD oil with a very small fraction of THC and other beneficial cannabinoids. Other examples of hemp products are isolate, thc-free distillate, and organic CBD. As you might have noticed Nemadji is one of the few that is transparent in the way that we manufacture our products and if you’re ready to buy some CBD then why not buy from Nemadji, your new CBD wholesale supplier.

Organic Hemp Products

If you’re looking for organic cbd, our processing equipment  produces pure cannabidiol oil, organic all the way. With these extractors, our facilities can process hemp material into organic cbd while maintaining the organic label requirements

Our experts go above and beyond to make sure you have a safe CBD wholesale product you can trust. We make it a top priority that your products are free of harsh chemicals and intoxicating particles. Here at Nemadji we value quality CBD and the customer service you need. We are looking forward to being your CBD wholesale supplier.

bulk cbd

Why Nemadji Hemp Products?

If you have put any effort into finding a quality hemp CBD product then you have almost definitively noticed that there is no lack of brands that offer what is seems to be the same CBD product you’ve looked at over and over. What makes Nemadji hemp CBD different then all other hemp products? Here is a List:

  • We use only the best Co2 extractors currently on the market
  • Our third party lab reports will show you exactly what is in our product and that it is pure and safe to consume
  • Both organic and non-organic hemp product are available in our store
  • We also ship internationally and in all 50 US states.
  • If all that is not enough for you our customer service will surpass all of your expectations with flying colors.


CBD Wholesale FAQS

All of our products have a QR Code, on the label or packaging box, which you can follow to our laboratory testing results for all of our products. Simply hold your cellular phone’s photograph app up to the QR code, and follow the appearing link; find your product’s lot number on the page, click on the link and you can see the results of the laboratory conducting the testing.

Nemadji has established a working relationship with a reliable 3rd Party laboratory facility which has been certified under ISO 17025 and vetted for quality and performance.

Nemadji offers a broad array of CBD bulk products – both organic and non-organic – formulations, white label services, and toll processing services. We currently offer wholesale full spectrum distillate, broad spectrum CBD distillate, wholesale CBD isolate, and wholesale CBD distillate, as well as specific formulation services for our customers’ specifications. Contact Nemadji sales to discuss your CBD solution.

Yes, to request a contact Nemadji’s customer service division at +1 (715) 227-0043 for shipping information. Samples may need to be diluted to ensure compliance with hemp regulations. Also check out our blog article How to Buy Hemp for Processing.

You can find our products lab reports in our Certificates of Analysis for wholesale CBD. All of our CO2 processed products, whether wholesale or consumer packaged goods, have third party analysis done by an ISO 17025-certified laboratory vetted through our Quality process to ensure quality control and to quality product.

Nemadji processes CBG industrial hemp using its patented supercritical CO2 processing technology. Our CBG wholesale supply is available as batches come through. Contact our sales division to inquire about our wholesale CBG supplies!

You can make an order for bulk CBD products from Nemadji either online or on the phone. Our customer service and sales representatives are ready and available to discuss your supply interest and work with you on your product and pricing for large orders of CBD.

Once you’ve decided your product and amount, you can work through the transportation logistics with our customer service to ensure the CBD products you’ve ordered gets delivered to you safely and expeditiously.

Nemadji offers competitive pricing for the production of its CO2-processed organic and non-organic wholesale CBD products. Prices vary by product and amount and can be seen on our CBD wholesale page. You can purchase them online, or contact our sales division for supply agreements at a discounted rate.

All of our wholesale CBD products are available online. You may purchase in bulk on our CBD Wholesale page. You may also contact our sales division to discuss supply agreements and associated discounts for large orders.

Discounts up to 20% are available for large volume CBD oil purchases. Processing biomass into bulk commodities helps to reduce cost by spreading fixed costs across the units. By assisting Nemadji in reducing its inventory, you assist us in passing onto you discounts depending on the wholesale CBD amount ordered. Contact us online, via email, or call us at 1 (715) 227-0043 to get a quote today.

We get a lot of questions concerning our shipment to Canada. We currently do not ship any wholesale CBD oil to Canada. Under Canadian law, cannabinoids processed from the flowering heads and leaves from the hemp plant is regulated under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) and not the Industrial Hemp Regulations (IHR), and it must be processed under a cannabis license issued by the Canadian government. However, we will receive shipments from Canada and you can receive the materials in the USA.

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