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What Is White Label?

A white label product is a product that you can customize and brand on a pre-made product made by another company.

Get Involved Through CBD White Label 

Getting involved in the CBD market with CBD white label has long been an entrepreneurial strategy. Our CBD white label service enables you to bring your CBD hemp product to market without having to invest in people, equipment, or infrastructure required to make consumer products. 

We walk with you every step of the way through our white label CBD program. We started our own line of CBD vapor pens, tinctures, CBD muscle creams, CBD lip balms, and CBD infused gummies and you can too. We did all the work, so you don’t have to. Our team is ready for your order and would love to help you create a package and brand that will satisfy your unique contribution to this market.

CBD white labeling has never been easier. Branding your business on a product that has already been made, takes away the complexity, stress, and financial strain that would be needed to make your own line of product. We start you off in a successful direction. 

When you white label CBD, it eliminates most factors associated with the hemp industry like growing, drying, extracting, branding, marketing, etc. Undoubtedly, putting your brand on a hemp product that has already been made will save you an excessive amount of money. It is an easy process anyone can do! If your focus is launching or expanding a business, white label is such a great place to start. Many companies start this way and it is sure to get you traffic. 

You decide. It’s your brand. You configure and design, and we do the rest! We are a processing company built on speed. Our facility has a five ton per day max. Most companies do not compare to this amount of extraction. If you need it done, we’ll get it done.

White label CBD products have to be the most convenient way to sell your own product and if you are just starting a business then this is a perfect way to get started, without the hassle of creating your own line of products.

How to Configure Your CBD Products In 10 Steps

There are many variations in potential products for your white label brand. We make your selection process a snap with an easy to understand product configuration. All you need to do is follow this simple process:


1.  Choose your CO2 Oil Extract Type

2.  Choose your Flavor and Aroma

3.  Choose your Delivery Type

4.  Choose your Documentation Package

5.  Choose your Label Type and Packaging Type

6.  Choose Number of Units and Corresponding Discount.

7.  Sign blanket P.O.

8.  Fill out monthly call-off

9.  Pay

10. Receive and sell your products.

CBD Labels With Nemadji

Buying white label CBD products is one of the best ways to quickly start up your business and with our wide range of products your guaranteed to find just the right ones.

Our CBD products are extracted from only the most quality hemp plants available and with our GMP certified facility you guaranteed a safe product loved by everyone.

If your new at this, and you are not sure what you want to purchase for your business, then please contact our team of experts to help you out. To get idea of what you might want, here is a few products we sell: Hemp tinctures, muscle rubs, CBD gummies, lotions, creams, and more!

White Label CBD Oil

The CBD industry has been booming more then ever recently and there has never been a better time to start your own CBD business in this growing industry. With the help of us, you can launch your own line of products by simply putting your brand on a pre-made, quality product. We offer these types of products:

  • Skin Care
  • Muscle Care
  • Oral CBD Drops
  • CBD Powder
  • Candies
  • And so much more!

Feel Free to browse through our line of products and check us out. When your ready, we are happy to do business with you. Contact us or click the order form above.

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