What Does CBD Do?

Informative Article

CBD has become extremely popular! Especially after the 2018 Farm Bill was signed and set into motion. It has gained quite the following, but what does CBD do? Continue reading to find out.

Cannabidiol (CBD) unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is non psychoactive and is known to help with chronic pain and anxiety without the high associated with THC. This makes CBD a great choice for someone who is looking for stress relief but still wants to maintain a stable mind.

Generally CBD is manufactured by extracting the crude oil from hemp biomass then putting it through winterization for 24 to 48 hours to let it separate. Once separated it goes through supercritical C02 extraction which will refine the oil into 80% CBD and 20% other cannabinoids. Now let’s get into the benefits.

CBD Helps With Pain

Does hemp oil help with pain? Yes, in fact CBD can be used to relieve chronic pain and is very good at it. The endocannabinoid system takes part in controlling your immune system, emotions, and nervous system. When you use CBD it affects the way you perceive pain by reducing it. It can help with arthritis pain, chronic pain, muscle pain, and so much more.

A study about the effectiveness had been done using rats. They injected and gave CBD orally to rats. Those with injection handled incision pain better better than the rats that took it orally. It reduced inflammation and chronic nerve pain. The way you take it affects the way it affects you. But, whatever way you take it, it will still do its job.

CBD Can Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Another thing that CBD is known to do is help with depression and anxiety. Both depression and anxiety are a big deal and need to be treated the right way. The prescription drugs you get prescribed at the doctor can have unfortunate side effects like drowsiness, insomnia, and other things. A better alternative is CBD. Hemp oil side effects are next to nothing compared to prescribed medicine. Yet, it is the single best natural way to deal with depression or anxiety.

A study showed just how effective CBD really is when they gathered a group of people with social anxiety and had two groups give a speech in front of a large number of people while one group using CBD and the other using placebo. The portion with CBD in their system did significantly better and felt more calm as well.

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CBD Can Help With Sleep

Some people struggle with insomnia but other people just want to have a better night sleep. Either way CBD can help with it. People have used it before they go to bed to have a better night sleep and they found that around 25 mg is the right amount for the job.

Rem Behavior Sleep Disorder (RBD) is another sleep disorder that can end very badly if not treated immediately. A normal person will have a healthy level of muscle atonia so that they don’t move around and act out their dreams during their Rem sleep cycle. Someone with RBD will have a lack of muscle atonia making it very dangerous for them because of the many risks you will experience while walking or moving around without your conscious.

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