Nemadji Hemp Toll Processing—It’s A Deal

Contract Manufacturing

Do you play to win? We do! Nemadji Manufacturing is pleased to announce a hemp toll processing deal with CROP Infrastructure Corp. This significant partnership includes CROP Corp dried hemp-CBD biomass in exchange for a portion of the finished oil end-product. In other words, a winning partnership.

CROP CEO, Michael Yorke, said, “Even with a toll cost, upgrading CBD biomass to isolate should significantly increase the value of our tenant harvest.” According to the CROP Corp press release, “the CBD isolate will be sold under the company’s brands Hempire, Tiff CBD, infused into the company’s CannaDrink and sold under white label.” Read more, here.

Nemadji offers hemp toll processing contracts, and splits, for the creation of CBD isolate and distillate end products. Nemadji’s CBD products are full spectrum and created within an 80,000 ft2 facility in Osceola, WI.

Beyond Hemp Toll Processing

Besides contract hemp toll processing, Nemadji offers formulation expertise and comprehensive white-label branding and packaging solutions. Customers preserve their money through the fastest technology on the market and 99% pure end-products. Most importantly, Nemadji customers can increase the value of their harvest fivefold. Nothing is left on the table!

Nemadji CEO, Dr. Jon Thompson, said,

“Aided with unparalleled technical support and the fastest, cutting-edge supercritical CO2 extraction technology, we’ll be able to produce the highest quality CBD isolate products on the market today for our customers.”

Next, Dr. Thompson discussed his robust plans to unveil Nemadji’s business plans, which include educational opportunities to strengthen strategic partnerships next year.

The Nemadji hemp cultivator program showcases in-house demonstrations of hemp processing, end-product formulations, and numerous delivery and packaging methods. The program goal is to create a successful partnership for Nemadji clients, no matter the farm or crop size.

Much like CROP Corp., it’s time to grow your hemp harvest money. Fill out a contact form, or call 1 (715) 318-0026 today!