Nemadji Adds Analytical Capabilities to Repertoire

Nemadji is proud to announce the acquisition of analytical capabilities, which include the following tests:

  • Potency
  • Purity
  • Identity
  • Pesticides
  • Color


At the customer’s request, we will certify the formulation or oil produced to be pesticide residue free. Certification will compliment a producer’s pesticide residue management and product safety program. Over the years, producers have found that they can fine-tune their oil production applications and save money in the process by monitoring residue levels.

Wholesale CBD crude oil buyers are looking for “pesticide passed” or “clean” product to work with. “Dirty” crude oil often requires post-processing and equipment that many distributors lack and would rather steer clear of. Get ease of mind by having your pesticide residue levels monitored by Nemadji.

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