Nemadji Added Hemp Processing Capacity

Contract Manufacturing

Due to high demand for Nemadji’s services, Nemadji added hemp processing capacity! We process 10-tons per day – call today to schedule your toll processing services for next year, so you don’t lose out on our amazing offers.

If you’ve missed out on harvesting acres of profitable hemp from your farm, be sure to contact us now. Find out what large corporations and small farms have already learned: Nemadji offers fast, efficient and clean processing to increase your bottom line.

In addition to offering hemp toll processing, CBD end product formulations and packaging/branding, we will help you plan your hemp crop for the following year. Whether you’re a small farmer or a large, established farm – size doesn’t matter – we will work with you.

How many plants should you have per acre? How many acres do you want to expand up to the following year? What is the estimated yield from these crops?

Hemp Processing Capacity

Use the calculators from our previous blog articles, “Broker, Purchase, Toll Process or Split: What’s the Best Option,” and “How to Estimate Extraction Yield from Your Hemp Crop,” to estimate the value of your future hemp harvest.

Even if you’re under contract with another hemp processor we can still talk about cost effective solutions that are right for your farm.

Fill out a contact form or call 1 (715) 318-0026 today!