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The passage of two bills, the 2014 Farm Bill and the new 2018 Farm Bill opened up the legalization of hemp to all states in the United States. Hemp is no longer a controlled substance and has been removed from schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Each state department of agriculture has a voice in hemp legalization, including Nebraska.

Is Hemp Legal In Nebraska?

Under the Nebraska State Hemp Plan, it is legal to grow, process, handle, and broker hemp in Nebraska. Hemp has been made legal recently in the state of Nebraska by a farm bill passed on the federal level. The Farm Bill of 2018 allowed for the cultivation and processing of hemp and its products, and Nebraska has embraced it’s legality.

Hemp is part of the cannabis family and is much like cannabis in many ways. Although, these two plants have many similar qualities, the THC content differs dramatically. If the plant has even five percent THC then it is considered cannabis, but if it has less than half a percent then it is hemp. Half a percent isn’t a lot, but even so… hemp containing more than 0.3% THC is illegal under national law.

Nebraska operates under a newly submitted Nebraska State Hemp Plan compliant with the new 2018 Farm Bill. Nebraska is on top of it, as the old bill will expire spring of 2021. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture works closely with the USDA’s framework, such as sampling instructions, disposal methods for hemp comprised of more THC than what is required, and licensing.

Growing Hemp In Nebraska

Applying for the proper license is the first step to become a hemp cultivator or processor in Nebraska. Regardless of the amount you plan to grow, a license is needed. Processor-handler and cultivator licenses are bought, verified, and distributed by the NDA. In addition, an FBI Identity History Summary is needed. After completing all steps and paying your fees, you can officially buy seeding, plant, handle, and process your hemp.




Nebraska Seed Law is something growers must look at. Find a licensed and compliant Nebraska Seeder. Hemp has different kinds of seeds, feminized is what you want to look for. Indoor and outdoor growing are okay. Site prices differ. The final thing you need to keep in mind expense wise is the regular inspections that are required of you to keep your farm going. Growing hemp in the state of Nebraska is a great opportunity and others are joining in.
New to growing? 
The amount of hemp acreage now growing in the United States today has quadrupled since 2018, according to Medical Marijuana Inc. News. We partner with hemp growers to process and/or purchase your hemp biomass. Reach out to the Nemadji team for further hemp farmer partnership opportunities!

Hemp Farmer Resources

In the process of purchasing large amounts of hemp, the customer often needs to sample the crop and make a determination as to the quality of the crop.

How To Buy Hemp For Processing

Toll processing is a great option for those businesses seeking to become involved at different levels of the supply chain, whether cultivating hemp or obtaining a final product for retail.

Broker, Purchase, Toll Process or Split: What’s the Best Option?

What are your options for processing and how much will it yield you versus selling your crop to a broker?

How to Estimate Extraction Yield from Your Hemp Crop

Splitting your hemp crop with a hemp processor makes sound financial sense, and it’s a whole lot easier than shopping your crop at prices no one will pay.

Why “Splitting” Your Hemp Crop Is More Lucrative Than Selling It

Nemadji Manufacturing

Growing and processing hemp is a go Nebraska and both are extremely important. They are dependable on each other. If you have grown hemp before you understand the correlation. Finding a reliable and honest company to manufacture your biomass is super important. Keeping your hemp strains below the 0.3% THC level is crucial and with the right machinery and team, your hemp will yield CBD that’s pure.

New to hemp processing? When buying hemp stock, there will be factors that influence your decision. Know the factors and know the rules. It is a large investment and one that should be taken using the right method.

Nemadji is a hemp processor in Wisconsin for hemp growers across the United States. Processing is a specialty at Nemadji. We have been a trusted source for hemp extraction since 2016 using Co2 extraction equipment. Our yields are outrageously pure. If you are a hemp grower or interested in growing hemp for business, processing is the next level.

We process hemp biomass on a large scale locally and internationally. We support United States hemp farmers. Nembraska, we are here for you!

Processing hemp into a CBD product is legal in the state of Nebraska. We are a CBD wholesale and white label company built on efficiency and quality. Our processing equipment is award winning and our products third party tested. We provide official Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) with every CBD wholesale product purchased through us. Our hemp intake, storage, processing, and shipping are safe and available to you. We are proud to be a hemp manufacturer and CBD wholesale supplier for the state of Nebraska.

Industrial Hemp in Nebraska

In case you missed anything, industrial hemp is a different plant then cannabis although it is part of the cannabis sativa family. The main difference between cannabis and hemp is the THC content. Less then half a percent indicates a hemp plant whereas five to twenty five percent THC content is considered a cannabis plant.

Date of publication: 7/1/2020

Disclaimer: The previous information was based solely on our own individual research, and although our team strives greatly to give you up to date content and information based on state-run websites, we are not legal experts. Therefore, the information given should not be taken as legal advice.