How To Make CBD Oil

Hemp Processing

CBD is the abbreviated version of cannabidiol, a calming component of the cannabis and hemp family. This product seems to be everywhere you look, convenient stores, your friends house, big retail stores, pretty much everywhere. CBD is known for its calming and healing properties that everyone loves. 


People who use CBD are normal people who might have some stress in their lives and who might just want something to wind down their day with. You can find this in lotions, creams, face serums, dog treats, vape juice, gummies, and just about any product that comes to mind CBD can be integrated. 


Hemp oil is not the easiest and most convenient thing to make as there are many specific procedures you have to follow through with. And to no surprise not a lot of people know how to make hemp oil. Continue reading to find out how people make that calming CBD oil that everyone loves.


Quick Intro to CBD

Before we get into how CBD is made we will give you a quick introduction on what it is and what people use this stuff for. For starters CBD is a component of the Cannabis sativa family, hemp. 


CBD has become a very popular product probably because of the medical benefits for epilepsy, pain, anxiety, parkinson’s disease, and other things along that line. The FDA has officially allowed CBD to treat those conditions and is encouraging people to try CBD out for themselves.

Plant and Harvest

If you’re going to make CBD oil from hemp then the first thing you do is plant and harvest but if you aren’t interested in planting then you can move on to the next step. But, if you are interested, stick around.


When you start planting you would want to start somewhere between the third week of May to the third week of June. Harvest time is whenever your hemp plants get big or when things start getting cold. Unlike corn and wheat each and every hemp plant has to be carefully monitored and cannot be put in an excessive amount of water. Generally hemp plants like the sunny hot weather. 

Co2 Extraction

Now let’s get into how CBD oil is made, Co2 extraction. Co2 extraction is the next thing you need to do if you want a beautiful CBD oil. This extraction method is the best way to get the oil but there are other ways that some people attempt to use ethanol to extract their cbd but that leaves remains and is not a very good extraction method. The most commonly used machines for this job are the supercritical Co2 extractors. 

The first chamber of the extractor is first filled with the plant material and then is later filled with high pressured Co2. The Co2 then absorbs the oils of the hemp biomass and is then put into a different chamber where the Co2 will be removed essentially leaving you with an unrefined crude oil. Co2 is the first big step when learning how to make cbd hemp oil.


Short Path Distillation

Wanting to learn how to make your own cbd oil? Well, there is a way to do it without having to use heavy equipment but it is not the most effective way to do it. The process involves coconut oil or alcohol, hemp flower, a stove, and a cheese cloth. The way we describe how to make cbd oil will be a bit more complicated to do since you don’t know exactly how to do it. 


Although it doesn’t sound too complicated, essentially what happens is certain components of the hemp oil will evaporate into a different container and what’s left is CBD oil. Depending on what type of oil you want, you’re going to boil it more or less. 


Now that you know how to make CBD oil, you could buy all of the equipment to do that or you could have us process it for you. Interested in pure CBD oil made by a transparent company that lets you know their exact process? Feel free to browse around our CBD Wholesale

Processing Hemp

If you happen to have hemp biomass that needs to be processed into a hemp oil then you have come to the right place because that is exactly what we do. For more information about processing check out our page devoted to processing hemp.