How to Configure Your Product in 10 Steps

There are many variations in potential products for your white label brand. We make your selection process a snap with an easy to understand product configuration. All you need to do is follow this simple process:

1.  Choose your CO2 Oil Extract Type

2.  Choose your Flavor and Aroma

3.  Choose your Delivery Type

4.  Choose your Documentation Package

5.  Choose your Label Type and Packaging Type

6.  Choose Number of Units and Corresponding Discount.

7.  Sign blanket P.O.

8.  Fill out monthly call-off

9.  Pay

10. Receive and sell your products.

Nemadji Processing offers quality CBD end product formulations, branding and packaging. Everything you need to make your business succeed in the hemp industry and CBD marketplace is under one 38,000 sq ft roof in Osceola, Wisconsin. Don’t hesitate, call us today at 1-(715)-318-0026, or fill out a contact form, to see what we can do for you!

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