Hemp Extraction

Hemp Extract CBD

First off, what is hemp extract? Well, hemp extract can be a variety of things depending on what you extract from the hemp. Because hemp contains so many different cannabinoids we will have to take a closer look at each one, what they are, and different ways to make them.

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Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids in the hemp plant and is one of the most well know as well. This cannabinoid known as the calming and pain relieving product of hemp and many people are going crazy about how useful and effective it really is. CBD, unlike THC is non-psychoactive and safe to use. People use CBD in drinks, food, vapes, topical muscle roll-ons, pretty much everything. Full spectrum CBD is essentially hemp extract with 80% CBD and the other 20% being other beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This hemp extract oil contains less then 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is not enough to make you high or affect you in any way at all. “what is hemp extract?”, hemp extract is CBD Distillate and everything explained bellow. So If you are interested in CBD oil wholesale, contact us or check out our full spectrum CBD distillate oil.

Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate

This type of hemp extract oil also contains 80% CBD with the other 20% being other beneficial cannabinoids. Lots of people love broad spectrum CBD much like Full spectrum CBD. The main difference between the two hemp extract oils we talked about is that Full spectrum CBD contains a very small amount of THC where broad spectrum contains no detectable trace of CBD. Lots of people love this type of CBD and its because its Legal in almost every state and it is highly affective just like the full spectrum CBD. For access to our Broad Spectrum CBD Wholesale oil, please visit our page on this particular product. If you have any questions at all please contact our lovely team of experts here at Nemadji.

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CBD Isolate

If you are asking the question “what is hemp extract?” then here is another example of it. CBD Isolate is quite different then CBD Distillate in one way or another. Immediately, when you look at it, CBD isolate appears to be a powder rather than an oil. Although CBD isolate is usually a powder people do make it into an oil as well. But other then the powder like consistency, the main difference between CBD isolate and CBD distillate is how refined the hemp extract is. CBD isolate is essentially what it sounds like, isolated CBD. This extract is 99% CBD and contains no detectable trace of THC. Distillate contains other cannabinoids. If you are interested, contact us or visit our webpage.

Organic CBD Distillate

Organic CBD Distillate is a great product if you are looking for something to help you relax at the end of a stressful day or to simply allow you to sleep better. This hemp extract is almost exactly like full spectrum CBD distillate in that is contains 80% CBD with the other 20% being other cannabinoids. Although there are similarities, the main difference is obviously the organic part. Our organic hemp extract is USDA Organic Certified, and free of harsh chemicals. Our product is everything mentioned above and more so click here for access. Have any questions? Please contact our team of experts.

CBG Products

CBG (cannabigerol) is another one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This cannabinoid is known to have antiseptic properties as well as anti inflammatory. Something quite amazing that CBG can do is reduce cancer growth. This one cannabinoid can and should be used on people with cancer to reduce growth. Not only does this hemp extract reduce cancer growth but it also will also stimulate your apatite if you might have a habit of over eating. CBG can certainly help with that. If you are interested in this product, contact our team of experts or visit our webpage.

Hemp Oil Extraction

All consumable hemp products start with supercritical Co2 extraction. The first step is to obtain your hemp biomass. Once obtained, you are going to put it into a supercritical Co2 extraction machine and the machine will first extract the Co2 from the air then go into the hemp extraction process. Essentially what happens is the pressurized Co2 will pull the CBD and other cannabinoids out of the plant creating a crude oil. From there you can keep the THC in the oil while purifying it to make full spectrum CBD or take it out to make broad spectrum. To make an isolate, you will have to winterize it and let it form crystals with time. If you would like to purchase our CBD please visit our CBD wholesale page.