General FAQs

You may ship your product via a common carrier. We suggest you package the material dry, place it in a 2-ton mesh totes, and then ship. Please include the license number for the farm. We will provide our processing license to you so that you can provide it with your shipping documentation.

If you are toll processing, we charge the input pound. It makes best economic sense for you to keep your product free from foreign debris and dry it as much as possible. It also makes sense to remove sticks and stems as much as possible as, as those items are not contributing to an increase in yield of oil.

We charge by the input mass to keep prices down. If we agree to charge by kilogram produced from oil (i.e. tests and sampling and delays), then we need to know what the oil content is before we start. We will need to know how many sticks and stems there are, how much water is in the material, and if there is any foreign matter in the material. Charging by input mass helps keep the whole process without ambiguity.

Upon reception of materials, it is weighed-in and compared to the shipping manifest. If there is a discrepancy greater than 20 lbs, we will immediately notify you of the mismatch. Once the mass has been received, and confirmed to be accurate, we must receive a down payment (half) from you for the first 10,000 lbs; we will only process 10,000 lbs at a time.

We do not accept moldy, putrid, or otherwise rotting plant matter.

By taking the weight of the shipment times the cannabinoid percentage (w/w) that will be the weight of the oil you will receive.

Each 10,000 lbs of raffinate is sampled three times and the potency is measured for acids and neutrals. If the potency is greater than 3% w/w, we will re-run the material automatically.

All of the raffinate results from the tests are supplied with the oil delivered.

We ship our oil through a common carrier in leak proof industrial aluminum 1.65 gallon buckets, sealed, labled, and ready to go! 

We do not accept returns on our CBD wholesale line. All sales are final.

Of course! We are ready and available for for any questions or concerns. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

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