Not as prevalent as CBD, but just as important and healthy to the body, CBG is another cannabinoid that acts in a similar way. It is most specifically specified as a minor cannabinoid and is included in full spectrum hemp strains. It is a small percentage within the hemp plant compared to CBD which makes this a valuable and unique oil. CBG oil when processed correctly, can be one of the most high quality cannabinoids out there.

If you have checked out either our CBD wholesale products, we are mostly a CBD manufacturer, but do offer CBG in distillate and isolate form. Many of our CBD products contain this promising cannabinoid, CBG. It is a natural cannabinoid to have in CBD products as it is naturally part of the hemp plant. CBG oil for sale can be purchased from us in full rather than in part of a CBD derived product.

CBG Distillate


Potency: 59% CBG, 23% CBD, 17.7% other cannabinoids, 0.3% THC

Consistency: Honey like consistency

Terpenes: Mild scent

Color: Dark yellow to amber

Quality Control

Quality is important to us and our quality controlled processes, laboratory personnel, and laboratory infrastructure are focused solely on bringing the safest and purest ingredients to suppliers around the world. Learning about the quality of CBG oil for sale is a good way to get to understand how we operate. If you would like more details on our quality, visit our Quality Page.

We believe in more than just CBG, but quality CBG. Our mission has long been based on quality and customer standards. A wholesale search for CBG can be a struggle. confusing and even frustrating with so many options on the market. All of our CBG wholesale products like our CBD line have been tested by professionals in our cGMP certified laboratories and the CBG oil benefits seem to be unending.

What is CBG oil?

What is CBG oil exactly? Well, CBG has a lot of characteristics as CBD but its not quite the same thing. CBG (cannabigeral) is a component of the plant, cannabis sativia and is useful for many things. CBG oil benefits include helping with inflamation, pain, nuasia, and even reducing cancer cells! So what is CBG oil? CBG oil is essentially an oil that can help with pain and make you feel amazing.

Why Invest In Us?

Nemadji is a hemp manufacturer in Wisconsin and we have invested our resources in the most efficient and environmental safe processing machinery. We are an ever expanding company here to provide you and the world with the best CBG on the market.

Nemadji is one of the few hemp manufacturers in the U.S. who deal with CBG. This cannabinoid is a small percentage compared to CBG, making it an extremely valuable and often pricey product. It’s benefits are often associated specifically with anti-inflammatory results and cancer treatment. It is a highly researched compound in the medical and pharmaceutical world and CBG oil benefits seem to be unending according the the CBG researchers.

We are registered with the FDA as a food-safety facility and we manufacture our CBG in cGMP certified laboratories with high quality technology and testing standards. As a cGMP certified facility, we treat all our wholesale products that we process with the care and awareness that someone will be consuming it.

CBG Oil Manufacturing

Nemadji manufactures its CBG oil for sale using only the most efficient Supercritical CO2 extractors currently in the United States. Nemadji experts have made it a top priority that our products are free of harsh chemicals and intoxicating particles. Our CBG oil for sale is top quality, and particle free.

Processing is an important step within our manufacturing. Our CBG for sale proceeds from cGMO free hemp plants. Every step along the way from the hemp plant to your finished product is handled by the experts. With that in mind, you as a customer can find a trustworthy product for your business, health, or personal needs.


Yes, depending on regulations we can ship internationally. We do not however ship to Canada. If you are looking for placing an international shipment, contact Nemadji’s customer service or sales division.

Yes, we ship to all fifty states in the USA. Shipment of hemp containing less than 0.3% THC in all fifty states was made legal in the United States Farm Bill signed on December 20, 2018 by President Trump.

Cannabinoids are extremely similar apart from a few minor distinctions. CBG is a minor cannabinoid. CBD is not. CBG makes up only 1% of the hemp plant! It is definitely a valuable resource. CBG’s potential and benefits are still being researched and discovered, compared to the large amount we have on CBD. CBG has been most commonly been associated with anti-inflamatory compounds and a cancer fighting aid.

We have extract and refine CBG in the same manner as CBD, with excellent results in yield, potency, and quality. We have had nearly identical yields from biomass to crude, and nearly identical yields through the refinement process to winterized, distillate, and isolate.

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