THC Free CBD Oil

CBD distillate is an investment worth making and we are here to provide you with the perfect non-detect THC CBD oil, otherwise known as broad spectrum CBD distillate, a more refined version of full spectrum CBD distillate. It contains minor cannabinoids associated with the hemp plant, like CBG and CBN, but it does not include any trace of THC. We operate under cGMP certified standards, assuring all our customers the comfort of knowing that your product is safe to use and free of any pesticides. Our THC free CBD oil is a product perfected, and a product you can trust.

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Broad Spectrum


Potency: 80% CBD, 20% cannabinoids, THC Non Detect

Consistency: honey like consistency

Terpenes: Zero terpene odor

Color: A clear Light yellow

A product perfected. A product you can trust.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

The Right Investment

Nemadji is a hemp manufacturing company in Wisconsin. We have invested our resources in the most efficient and environmental safe processing machinery. We are an ever expanding company here to provide you and the world with the best THC free CBD oil on the market. Our team is here for you.

Processing is an important step within our manufacturing. Our CBD proceeds from cGMO free hemp plants. This means that your THC free CBD oil is processed from all natural hemp, genetically unaltered. Every step along the way from the hemp plant to your finished product is handled by the Nemadji team experts. With that in mind, you as a customer can find a trustworthy product for your business, health, or personal endeavors.

Quality Control

A wholesale search for CBD can be confusing and even frustrating with so many options on the market. All of our CBD wholesale products have been tested by professionals in our cGMP certified laboratories. Lab reports are extremely important to consider when considering which wholesale products to trust and invest your money in. Any client, including you, are able to view our lab reports and see the tests for themselves. Being able to see your product’s ingredients and quality is a must when investing.

Your values are our values. We believe in more than just CBD, but quality CBD. Our mission has long been based on quality and customer standards. We are an ever expanding hemp manufacturing company. You will find our broad spectrum not only meets federal expectations, but most importantly, your expectations as well.

Quality is important to us and our quality controlled processes, laboratory personnel, and laboratory infrastructure are focused solely on bringing the safest and purest ingredients to suppliers around the world. Trust is built on quality and lab results. If you would like more details on our organic quality, visit our Quality Page.


THC Free CBD Oil Manufacturing

Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, our broad spectrum oil is manufactured from crude oil that has been withdrawn from the hemp plant. This process involves dewaxing using Supercritical CO2 equipment and terpene stripment using the Wiped Film Evaporator, from extraktLAB. Our processing machinery is top quality and improves the potency of our CBD.

A non-transparent golden liquid forms as the processed broad spectrum cools down. Our process and cooling methods create a quality CBD distillate, both clear and free from any THC. There is a non-detectable trace of THC found in our broad spectrum.

The color of broad spectrum can range from a golden yellow to a dark red. Having a darker oil is the result of a faster distillation process. Both colors are contaminant free. We make sure that our bulk CBD oil is properly processed and is manufactured in an eco-friendly way as to keep a healthy environment.

Our goal is to create a quality CBD product that’s trustworthy and enjoyable. We look forward to being your source of wholesale CBD.


CBD distillate contains 80% CBD. CBD is a natural source of relaxation. It is a popular substance to treat anxiety. The more CBD intake, the more relaxed you will feel. Other than giving off that calming effect, CBD acts as a defense system against antagonists in our endocannabinoid system. The most common ordeal with CBD is that there are no side effects typical of marijuana. The benefits of hemp oil really surpasses any other option relating safe and healthy relation.

CBD distillate is a refined type of CBD that contains minor cannabinoids such as CBG and THC. Standard CBD distillate contains 80% CBD with the remaining being a balanced amount of minor cannabinoids with 0.3% THC.

There are many ways to take and use CBD distillate. CBD distillate like any other form of CBD, you can take orally or topically. If you’re looking for a great topical roll-on or lotion, you might like to try our Holus body lotion or our muscle roll-on.

Nemadji manufactures all CBD with CO2 extraction, including our CBD Distillate. Use of ethanol is another common extraction method. For more information on why we use CO2 extraction over ethanol check out our blog.

Yes, depending on regulations we can ship internationally. We do not however ship to Canada. If you are looking for placing an international shipment, contact Nemadji’s customer service or sales division.

Yes, we ship to all fifty states in the USA. Shipment of hemp containing less than 0.3% THC in all fifty states was made legal in the United States Farm Bill signed on December 20, 2018 by President Trump.

The main difference between CBD Isolate and CBD Distillate is that Isolate is a pure, powder like CBD with no traces of other cannabinoids. CBD Distillate is an oil that contains 80% CBD with the other 20% being other minor cannabinoids including a microscopic amount of THC. For more information please read our Blog about this topic.

Terpenes are essentially what give the hemp plant a taste and a scent. They are essential oils that encourage the entourage effect in CBD. Therefore, terpenes will only enhance your CBD products performance. Our blog article What are Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids give you an in depth explanation as well.

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