CBD Wholesale FAQs

All of our products have a QR Code, on the label or packaging box, which you can follow to our laboratory testing results for all of our products. Simply hold your cellular phone’s photograph app up to the QR code, and follow the appearing link; find your product’s lot number on the page, click on the link and you can see the results of the laboratory conducting the testing.

Nemadji has established a working relationship with a reliable 3rd Party laboratory facility which has been certified under ISO 17025 and vetted for quality and performance.

Nemadji offers a broad array of CBD bulk products – both organic and non-organic – formulations, white label services, and toll processing services. We currently offer wholesale full spectrum distillate, broad spectrum CBD distillate, wholesale CBD isolate, and wholesale CBD distillate, as well as specific formulation services for our customers’ specifications. Contact Nemadji sales to discuss your CBD solution.

Yes, to request a contact Nemadji’s customer service division at +1 (715) 227-0043 for shipping information. Samples may need to be diluted to ensure compliance with hemp regulations. Also check out our blog article How to Buy Hemp for Processing.

You can find our products lab reports in our Certificates of Analysis for wholesale CBD. All of our CO2 processed products, whether wholesale or consumer packaged goods, have third party analysis done by an ISO 17025-certified laboratory vetted through our Quality process to ensure quality control and to quality product.

Nemadji processes CBG industrial hemp using its patented supercritical CO2 processing technology. Our CBG wholesale supply is available as batches come through. Contact our sales division to inquire about our wholesale CBG supplies!

You can make an order for bulk CBD products from Nemadji either online or on the phone. Our customer service and sales representatives are ready and available to discuss your supply interest and work with you on your product and pricing for large orders of CBD.

Once you’ve decided your product and amount, you can work through the transportation logistics with our customer service to ensure the CBD products you’ve ordered gets delivered to you safely and expeditiously.

Nemadji offers competitive pricing for the production of its CO2-processed organic and non-organic wholesale CBD products. Prices vary by product and amount and can be seen on our CBD wholesale page. You can purchase them online, or contact our sales division for supply agreements at a discounted rate.

All of our wholesale CBD products are available online. You may purchase in bulk on our CBD Wholesale page. You may also contact our sales division to discuss supply agreements and associated discounts for large orders.

Discounts up to 20% are available for large volume CBD oil purchases. Processing biomass into bulk commodities helps to reduce cost by spreading fixed costs across the units. By assisting Nemadji in reducing its inventory, you assist us in passing onto you discounts depending on the wholesale CBD amount ordered. Contact us online, via email, or call us at 1 (715) 227-0043 to get a quote today.

We get a lot of questions concerning our shipment to Canada. We currently do not ship any wholesale CBD oil to Canada. Under Canadian law, cannabinoids processed from the flowering heads and leaves from the hemp plant is regulated under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) and not the Industrial Hemp Regulations (IHR), and it must be processed under a cannabis license issued by the Canadian government. However, we will receive shipments from Canada and you can receive the materials in the USA.

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