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The passage of two bills, the 2014 Farm Bill and the new 2018 Farm Bill opened up the legalization of hemp to all states in the United States. Hemp is no longer a controlled substance and has been removed from schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Each state department of agriculture has a voice in hemp legalization, including Illinois.

Is Hemp Legal In Massachusetts?

Hemp is the cousin of cannabis that does not contain a significant amount of THC. Hemp became officially legal in 2018 for production of industrial hemp. States must permit however. These plans must be approved by the USDA. All laws are implemented under your state. Is hemp now legal under Massachusetts legislation?

With the understanding that two bills were passed in a four year interval, states had the choice of either submitting an industrial hemp program plan or remaining under a pilot program. The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources have a submitted and USDA approved hemp plan as of March 9, 2020. Growing and processing hemp is legal in the state of Massachusetts through this program.

Growing Massachusetts Hemp

The Department of Massachusetts had an existing hemp plan permitting the production year 2018, but has been updated to the new forty nine page Massachusetts State Hemp Plan.

Hemp sampling protocols, hemp harvest requirements, disposal requirements, inspection, and grower information is included in depth for those interested in growing hemp in Massachusetts. Your application checklist and deadlines will be included as well.

A state issued hemp grower license must be bought before handling hemp seeds or plants. Failure to provide a license means violation of state law. A three time violator will be band from the state program for five years. If you are considering to grow hemp in Massachusetts then you will need to comply and purchase a hemp license under Massachusetts legislation. 

Indoor and outdoor growing are permitted. Planting expenses between the two differ. Outdoor growing is typically the more expensive route.

Obtaining a hemp growing license in the state of Massachusetts is accessible year round. An application is required prior to planting. Further specifications can be found Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources page.

Hemp Extraction Massachusetts

Oregon hemp

Growing and Processing hemp are an okay in Massachusetts and both are extremely important. They are dependable on each other. If you have grown hemp before you understand the correlation. Finding a reliable and honest company to manufacture your biomass is super important. Keeping your hemp strains below the 0.3% THC level is important and with the right machinery and team, your hemp will yield CBD that’s pure.

Nemadji is a hemp processor in Wisconsin for hemp growers across the United States. Processing is a specialty at Nemadji. We have been a trusted source for hemp extraction since 2016 using Co2 extraction equipment. Our yields are outrageously pure. If you are a hemp grower or interested in growing hemp for business, processing is the next level.

We process hemp biomass on a large scale locally and internationally. We support United States hemp farmers. From Wisconsin to Massachusetts, we do it the right way, Nemadji style!

Processing hemp into a CBD product is legal in the state of Massachusetts. We are a CBD wholesale and white label company built on efficiency and quality. Our processing equipment is award winning and our products third party tested. We provide official Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) with every CBD wholesale product purchased through us. Our hemp intake, storage, processing, and shipping are safe and available to you. We are proud to be a hemp manufacturer and CBD wholesale supplier for the state of Massachusetts.

Industrial Hemp in Massachusetts

Date of publication: 7/1/2020

Disclaimer: The previous information was based solely on our own individual research, and although our team strives greatly to give you up to date content and information based on state-run websites, we are not legal experts. Therefore, the information given should not be taken as legal advice.