Toll Processing

Why Choose Nemadji for Hemp Processing?

hemp processing

Why should you choose Nemadji for your hemp toll processing needs? You already know why, “Why ‘Splitting’ Your Hemp Crop Is More Lucrative Than Selling It.” Now, let’s discuss how we’re able to help you profit off of your harvest: with cutting-edge extraction and processing technology.

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Nemadji’s Expansion Plans Will Blow You Away!

Wisconsin — Nemadji’s management has just announced their expansion plans for 16 new high throughput extraction, isolate, distillate, and separations plants. Starting with our 38,000 sq ft headquarters in Osceola, Wisconsin, Nemadji Processing is looking to start toll processing at location near you! Take a look at the map (shown below) to see if there’s…

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Nemadji Launches 3,900-Ton per Year Hemp Processing Facility

Wisconsin — Nemadji manufacturing is set to be the largest hemp oil processing facility in North America, with its flagship facility located in Osceola, Wisconsin. Nemadji is on track to establish 1-ton per day mini mill hemp processing factories throughout the country for the extraction of crops in addition to their flag-ship location. Offerings are expected to…

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