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Why We Use Clean and Green Supercritical CO2 Extraction

The science behind methods like hydrocarbon, ethanol and supercritical CO2 extraction can be overwhelming at first glance. There is a sweet science to it all that escapes the knowledge base of many who consume the vapory fruits of this labor. Here at Nemadji, we’d like to give you a peek under the hood and layout…

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Hemp Farmer Partnership Programs Lead to Higher Revenue

Nemadji Hemp Processing for Hemp Farmers

If you’re a farmer looking for a more profitable harvest in the fall of 2019, hemp is the crop of choice. But don’t go into the field alone–give Nemadji a call to learn more about our hemp farmer partnership program. We’ll get you set up for success so that you don’t lose out on this…

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Nemadji Adds Hemp Processing Capacity

That was fast! Within two months of announcing Nemadji’s services, we filled our hemp toll processing capacity for the month of November and are adding more capacity every day. 10-tons per day processing capacity is on December’s horizon!

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Increase Hemp Harvest Value by Shucking and Bucking

Are you a hemp cultivator harvesting your hemp crop this fall? Are you shucking and bucking your hemp plants to increase the overall value? There are a few things you need to know in order to get a handsome return on your hemp investment. Before you consider selling it, or accepting solicitations from hemp brokers,…

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Why Choose Nemadji for Hemp Processing?

hemp processing

Why should you choose Nemadji for your hemp toll processing needs? You already know why, “Why ‘Splitting’ Your Hemp Crop Is More Lucrative Than Selling It.” Now, let’s discuss how we’re able to help you profit off of your harvest: with cutting-edge extraction and processing technology.

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